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Military Officer Careers

These military careers are available to individuals who commission as officers.

A US Navy diver interacts with his peers

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Military Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors record and manage military financial records subject to audit. They also advise leaders on financial and accounting matters.

  • Average Salary:$111,311
  • Most Common Education: Not available

Military Acquisitions and Contracts Managers

Acquisitions and contracts managers are responsible for preparing and coordinating every task involved in the planning, development, and implementation of procurement programs. They provide management, technical expertise, and supervision to ensure successful development of defense acquisition programs and accomplishment of desired outcomes. They are responsible for analyzing purchase requests and performing cost or price analyses. They evaluate contract proposals, award and administer contracts, and evaluate contractor performance.

  • Average Salary:$111,425
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Advanced Practice Nurses

Advanced practice nurses are highly educated health professionals who provide direct patient care, such as conducting health assessments, diagnosing disease, and prescribing medications and other treatments. They may specialize as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse midwives, or nurse anesthetists. In the Military, advanced practice nurses provide a wide range of care, from treating illness to caring for the wounded or assisting in disaster relief.  

  • Average Salary:$87,016
  • Most Common Education: Master's Degree

Military Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers direct research programs and design military aircraft and aerospace equipment. They serve as aviation technical specialists in air warfare research projects and supervise aircraft design projects from development to evaluation of experimental equipment. They formulate policies and coordinate procurement programs for aircraft and aircraft subsystems, and serve as engineering and technical management liaisons across military branches, contracting organizations, and other government agencies.

  • Average Salary:$56,265
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians

Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians examine, diagnose, and treat patients suffering from physical trauma and/or impairments, including those that occurred during combat. They perform sophisticated tests, such as nerve conduction studies, to determine the extent of disability. These physicians provide a wide variety of treatment to patients, including heat and cold therapy, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and the use of prosthetics.  

  • Average Salary:$123,847
  • Most Common Education: Doctoral degree

Military Air Traffic Control Managers

Air traffic control managers oversee the operations of airfields and control centers, both on land and at sea, that direct the tactical employment of aircraft during combat or noncombat missions. They prepare flight operations plans and monitor the maneuvers of aircraft in and out of the airspace. They train, establish standards, and conduct operational evaluations to manage unit training and performance standards that ensure airfield operations personnel possess required job skills.

  • Average Salary:$115,095
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Airborne Combat Navigators

Airborne combat navigators use radar, radio, and other navigation equipment to determine position, direction of travel, intended course, and other operations of aircraft. They also operate other mission critical systems on aircraft such as surveillance, communications, electronic warfare, and other weapon systems. Additionally, they monitor, evaluate, and direct flying operations and training programs. 

  • Average Salary:$105,634
  • Most Common Education: Not available

Military Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officers

Aircraft launch and recovery officers work on aircraft carriers, where they plan and direct launch and recovery operations. They lead teams in the maintenance of catapults, arresting gear, and associated mechanical, hydraulic, and control systems. These officers and their staffs are responsible for ensuring the safe take-off and landing of military aircraft.

  • Average Salary:$77,823
  • Most Common Education: Not available

Military Endocrinologists

Endocrinologists diagnose and treat diseases of the endocrine system.  Some of the more common conditions treated by endocrinologists include adrenal disorders, osteoporosis and bone health, diabetes, endocrine disorders in children (lack of growth, problems with puberty), heart problems (high cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure), men's health (infertility, testosterone levels), pituitary disorders, thyroid disorders, weight and metabolism, and women's health (menopause, infertility, some menstrual problems). Endocrinologists in the Military provide treatment, such as medication, therapy, diet, and surgery, to service members and their families.

  • Average Salary:$123,927
  • Most Common Education: Not Available

Military Airplane Pilots

Airplane pilots in the Military train, organize, and equip the nation’s air services to support the national and international policies of the government. They operate many different jet and propeller planes. Aircraft range from combat airplanes to supersonic fighters and bombers. In addition to flying aircraft, airplane pilots develop flight plans, check weather reports, brief and direct all crew members, and perform system operation checks to test the proper functioning of instrumentation, controls, and electronic and mechanical systems on the flight deck.

  • Average Salary:$110,874
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree