Highest-Paying Military Careers

These top-paying jobs in the Military require specialized training in addition to service commitments.

A Navy service member working on a computer in an operatons room

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Military Dental Laboratory Technicians

Dental laboratory technicians construct and repair dentures and other dental appliances including crowns, bridges, partial dentures, pre- and post-oral and maxillofacial surgical devices, and orthodontic appliances in a laboratory. Although dental technicians seldom work directly with patients, they provide a valued healthcare service by working with dentists to improve patient health and appearance.

  • Average Salary:$158,901
  • Most Common Education: High school

Military Pharmacists

Pharmacists dispense medication, consult with patients on proper usage and side effects, and carry out medication regimens with the utmost accuracy and integrity. They also advise physicians and other healthcare practitioners on the selection, dosage, interactions, and side effects of medications. They need to be knowledgeable about the drugs they dispense and pay great attention to detail to fulfill the important role they play in patient care.

  • Average Salary:$137,992
  • Most Common Education: First professional degree

Military Internists

Internists in the Military examine patients, perform and direct diagnostic testing, interpret test results, and prescribe treatment, including medication, therapy, and dietary regimens. They also coordinate medical care with other specialties.

  • Average Salary:$135,362
  • Most Common Education: Post-doctoral training

Military Document Security Specialists

Document security specialists safeguard sensitive material and arrange for delivery by courier. They provide adequate protection for material from receipt through delivery or storage; prepare classified correspondence; and manage administrative functions and security procedures for various security programs (e.g., Special Security Program, Sensitive Compartmented Information Security Program).

  • Average Salary:$134,291
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Space Operations Officers

Space operations officers manage space flight planning, training, mission control, and other activities involved in launching and recovering spacecraft. They provide consultation and oversight of space systems functions related to operations, development and acquisition, and policy planning. They perform space operations activities including orbital analysis, surveillance, and space warning. They conduct satellite position predictions and perform space lift operations, including flight control and launch-processing activities.

  • Average Salary:$133,035
  • Most Common Education: Not Available

Military Data Analysts

Military data analysts conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses to support a wide variety of military activities, including acquisition, combat operations, system development, logistics, and force design. They use scientific and mathematical methods to collect, record, store, and analyze data. Data analysts may utilize artificial intelligence methods and/or apply algorithms to solve complex problems, conduct risk analyses, and run combat simulations.

  • Average Salary:$133,035
  • Most Common Education: Not available

Military Physicists

Physicists analyze and test physical properties of materials, including matter affecting living organisms, and apply results of experiments to the solution of problems. They engage in continuous development and modification to improve performance and suitability of products and production processes.

  • Average Salary:$130,580
  • Most Common Education: Doctoral degree

Military Nuclear Engineers

Nuclear engineers direct research and development to capitalize on the energy released in nuclear reactions. In the Military, these engineers oversee projects that apply nuclear technology to weapons systems as well as nuclear power plants. They are responsible for maintaining the security of nuclear weapons, and the safety of all personnel that work with nuclear materials.  

  • Average Salary:$130,580
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Chemists

Chemists conduct and advise on research having military and/or medical application, such as protection of personnel from chemical, biological, and radiological agents; development, handling, and use of improved petroleum and synthetic fuels and lubricants; and purification and control of atmosphere, as on nuclear submarines. Chemists also perform experiments; devise instrumentation and techniques to record and collect test results; correlate and analyze data compiled in research; and brief results.

  • Average Salary:$124,495
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Professors and Instructors

The work of a professor and instructor is multi-faceted. Professors and instructors are tasked with the design and delivery of instruction in the classroom. They spend their time teaching, conducting research, and supporting their students in a variety of academic and vocational subjects related to their military occupations. Some specialize by functional area.

  • Average Salary:$124,193
  • Most Common Education: Doctoral degree