Military Space Operations Specialists

Military Career

General Information


Space operations specialists manage space warning and control systems, orbital mechanics, data analysis, and transmission. These specialists operate space systems to perform space control missions.

Work Environment

Space operations specialists work in space operations centers.

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Military Outlook

Service Branches

Jobs in this career field may be available in other service branches. Call or email a particular branch for more info.

Military Status

  • Enlisted
    • Hands-on/specialized
    • High school diploma required

Military Workforce

Space Operations Specialists in the Military


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Average Salary


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Military training

All enlisted service members complete basic military training, which includes time spent in a classroom and in the field, and covers tactical and survival skills, physical training, military life and customs, and weapons training. Space operations specialists in the Military will gain skills through classroom study and on-the-job experience. Job-specific training topics relate to spacecraft command and control operations, and may include: Operation of electronic transmitting, receiving, and computing equipmentAnalysis of data that indicate spacecraft operational statusApplication of electronic and satellite system principlesAlignment of ground and spacecraft communication systemsSpace command and control system operational procedures

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