Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications

Military communications jobs may see service members specialize in reporting, sound and video production, media relations and other creative roles.

There are 11 military careers in this industry

A Marine Corps service member shoots with a professional camera

Military Arts and Media Directors

Arts and media directors are experts in graphic arts, digital photography, layout design, cinematography, and video production. They create a variety of visual communications products for various outlets, and supervise personnel involved in the creation of such materials.

  • Average Salary:$110,035
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Audiovisual and Broadcast Technicians

Audiovisual and broadcast technicians plan, supervise, and coordinate the operation, maintenance, deployment, and management of systems, facilities, and personnel engaged in visual information operations. They play a high-level, but hands on, role in the production process.

  • Average Salary:$53,874
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Communications Equipment Operators

Communications equipment operators are responsible for generating, transmitting, tracking, and routing military communications. They operate sophisticated, state-of-the-art, electronic receivers and associated analysis and recording equipment to collect airborne, shipborne, land-based Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR), and other signals within the electromagnetic spectrum. They use this equipment to communicate a wide range of information, including operational plans and the transmission of classified information.

  • Average Salary:$60,079
  • Most Common Education: High school

Military Communications Equipment Repairers

Communications equipment repairers install, sustain, troubleshoot, and repair standard voice, data, video network, communication security (COMSEC), and cryptographic devices in fixed and deployed environments, to ensure the ability to communicate and the Military’s continued success. Communications equipment repairers usually work in repair shops and laboratories on land or aboard ships.

  • Average Salary:$60,003
  • Most Common Education: High school

Military Graphic Designers and Desktop Publishers

Graphic designers and desktop publishers use their creativity in the areas of production, maintenance, and coordination related to visual products and presentations. They use computer software or manually develop the overall layout and production design for various media such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports.

  • Average Salary:$48,913
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Instrumentalists

Instrumentalists play one or more musical instruments in recital, in accompaniment, and as members of an orchestra, band, or other musical group. For instrumentalists, knowledge of musical conducting, rehearsal techniques, transpositions, and the ability to read printed music are mandatory.

  • Average Salary:$68,733
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Music Composers and Arrangers

Music composers and arrangers write and transcribe musical scores. They adapt music into customized musical arrangements and create original music for various musical ensembles. Knowledge of music theory, transpositions, capabilities of instruments, and the ability to arrange and compose music using industry standard software are mandatory.

  • Average Salary:Not available
  • Most Common Education: Some college

Military Music Directors

Military music directors direct and conduct instrumental and vocal performances by musical groups, such as orchestras, bands, or choirs. They ensure that musicians play with one coherent sound, balancing the melody, timing, rhythm, and volume. They usually work in offices and band halls, but may work outdoors when conducting or practicing for parades.

  • Average Salary:$103,810
  • Most Common Education: Doctoral degree

Military Musicians

Musicians in the Military play not only for members of their own service branch, but also to engage the public. They play indoors in theaters, concert halls, and at dances, and outdoors at parades and open-air concerts. They perform many types of music, including marches, classical, jazz, and popular music. They also travel regularly.

  • Average Salary:$68,733
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Photographers and Videographers

Military photographers and videographers have an important job in communicating and recording military activity. Photographers photograph people, landscapes, merchandise, and other subjects, using digital or film cameras and other equipment. Videographers use a variety of electronic media to record videos for television, internet, and film.

  • Average Salary:$49,820
  • Most Common Education: High school