Architecture & Construction

Service members in the following military construction and architecture jobs help design and create for a wide range of building opportunities.

There are 10 military careers in this industry

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A Military service member standing atop a flatbed trailer at a construftion site

Military Building Electricians

Building electricians install, support, and troubleshoot electrical wiring systems. They ensure that electrically operated equipment and services are maintained in top running condition and in compliance with safety standards.

  • Average Salary:$65,308
  • Most Common Education: Post-secondary certificate

Military Civil Engineers

Civil engineers oversee the repair, maintenance, and operation of heavy equipment. They execute construction, operation, and repair of structures and facilities. Responsibilities of a civil engineer also include clearing and emplacing obstacles such as minefields. There are a variety of civil engineering disciplines, all of which play a rewarding role in military operations.

  • Average Salary:$79,460
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Construction Equipment Operators

Construction equipment operators control or manage the use of bulldozers, cranes, graders, drilling rigs, and other heavy equipment in military construction. They manage daily activities devoted to the construction and maintenance of concrete and asphalt runways, structural systems and wooden, masonry, metal, and concrete buildings, aircraft parking aprons, and roads. They direct and coordinate the efforts of crews in the use of earth moving, quarrying, well digging, mixing, asphalt batching, and paving equipment. They also oversee demolition efforts and ensure adherence to environmental regulations.

  • Average Salary:$52,778
  • Most Common Education: High school

Military Construction Managers

Construction managers provide construction, survey and design, and electrical engineering expertise across a broad spectrum of construction operations in a variety of units. They coordinate and plan the development and support of military construction programs and maintain technical liaison with systems commands and fleet commands on facilities logistic problems.

  • Average Salary:$78,669
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Construction Specialists

Construction specialists perform and manage the construction of buildings, bridges, foundations, utility systems, dams, and bunkers. They manage, construct, repair, and modify structural systems and wooden, masonry, metal, and concrete buildings. They also oversee bridge building, rafting, and river crossing operations to coordinate the building of structures during combat. Construction specialists must have a working knowledge of carpentry and masonry.

  • Average Salary:$61,597
  • Most Common Education: Post-secondary certificate

Military Divers

Underwater missions undertaken by military divers can be very demanding. They perform such tasks as reconnaissance, demolition, ship repair, search for missing persons, and salvage in underwater conditions. They usually specialize in either scuba diving or deep-sea diving.

  • Average Salary:$81,345
  • Most Common Education: Post-secondary certificate

Military Heating and Cooling Mechanics

Heating and cooling mechanics are responsible for providing the Military with technical and mechanical services regarding heating, cooling, and related systems. They install, operate and perform inspections, testing, troubleshooting, and repairs on malfunctioning systems. They perform maintenance and quality control functions, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations. They supervise and provide guidance to subordinates and they provide recommendations regarding installations and repairments of HVAC/R and related systems.

  • Average Salary:$61,003
  • Most Common Education: Not available

Military Plumbers and Pipefitters

Plumbers and pipefitters assemble, install, maintain, and repair many different types of pipe systems.

  • Average Salary:$50,142
  • Most Common Education: Not available

Military Surveying, Mapping, and Drafting Technicians

Surveying, mapping, and drafting technicians help determine, describe, and record geographic areas or features. They conduct land surveys, take measurements, make maps, and prepare detailed plans and drawings for construction projects. They are sometimes called upon to provide maps and surveys that locate military targets and help plot troop movements. These technicians play key roles in the collection and analysis of geospatial information.

  • Average Salary:$73,227
  • Most Common Education: Not available

Military Welders and Metal Workers

Welders and metal workers deal with shaping, brazing, soldering, and forming metals to aid in different construction efforts that serve military missions worldwide. They install sheet metal products, such as roofs, air ducts, gutters, and vents. They also create custom parts to repair the structural components of ships, tanks, submarines, landing craft, buildings, and equipment. These enlisted workers use a wide range of skills, processes, and tools.

  • Average Salary:$48,873
  • Most Common Education: High school