Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers

General Information


Develop and execute software tests to identify software problems and their causes. Test system modifications to prepare for implementation. Document software and application defects using a bug tracking system and report defects to software or web developers. Create and maintain databases of known defects. May participate in software design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, operational characteristics, product designs, and schedules.

Business Breakdown

People in this career work in these sectors.

  1. Private, for profit88.47%
  2. Private, not for profit3.41%
  3. Federal government3.38%
  4. State and local government2.91%
  5. Self-employed1.85%
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Most Common Education Levels

People in this career achieve this level of education.

  • Bachelor's degree 70%
  • Associate's degree 14%
  • Post-secondary certificate 7%
  • High school 3%
  • Post baccalaureate 3%
  • Some college 0%
  • Master's degree 0%
  • Doctoral degree 0%
  • Less than high school 0%
  • Post-doctoral training 0%
  • Post-master's certificate 0%
  • First professional degree 0%


  • Computers and Electronics
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Education and Training
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