Health Science

Health science jobs are part of an industry that specializes in the study and research of human well-being.

There are 78 careers in this industry

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Acute Care Nurses

Provide advanced nursing care for patients with acute conditions such as heart attacks, respiratory distress syndrome, or shock. May care for pre- and post-operative patients or perform advanced, invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

  • Average Salary:$75,330
  • Most Common Education:Associate's degree

Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses

Assess, diagnose, and treat individuals and families with mental health or substance use disorders or the potential for such disorders. Apply therapeutic activities, including the prescription of medication, per state regulations, and the administration of psychotherapy.

  • Average Salary:$75,330
  • Most Common Education:Master's Degree

Anesthesiologist Assistants

Assist anesthesiologists in the administration of anesthesia for surgical and non-surgical procedures. Monitor patient status and provide patient care during surgical treatment.

  • Average Salary:$115,390
  • Most Common Education:Master's Degree


Administer anesthetics and analgesics for pain management prior to, during, or after surgery.

  • Average Salary:$208,000
  • Most Common Education:Post-doctoral training

Art Therapists

Plan or conduct art therapy sessions or programs to improve clients' physical, cognitive, or emotional well-being.

  • Average Salary:$57,310
  • Most Common Education:Master's Degree

Athletic Trainers

Evaluate and treat musculoskeletal injuries or illnesses. Provide preventive, therapeutic, emergency, and rehabilitative care.

  • Average Salary:$49,860
  • Most Common Education:Master's Degree


Assess and treat persons with hearing and related disorders. May fit hearing aids and provide auditory training. May perform research related to hearing problems.

  • Average Salary:$81,030
  • Most Common Education:Doctoral degree

Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians

Conduct tests on pulmonary or cardiovascular systems of patients for diagnostic, therapeutic, or research purposes. May conduct or assist in electrocardiograms, cardiac catheterizations, pulmonary functions, lung capacity, and similar tests.

  • Average Salary:$59,100
  • Most Common Education:Associate's degree


Assess, treat, and care for patients by manipulation of spine and musculoskeletal system. May provide spinal adjustment or address sacral or pelvic misalignment.

  • Average Salary:$70,720
  • Most Common Education:Doctoral degree

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Direct nursing staff in the provision of patient care in a clinical practice setting, such as a hospital, hospice, clinic, or home. Ensure adherence to established clinical policies, protocols, regulations, and standards.

  • Average Salary:$75,330
  • Most Common Education:Master's Degree