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Fishing and Hunting Workers

General Information


Hunt, trap, catch, or gather wild animals or aquatic animals and plants. May use nets, traps, or other equipment. May haul catch onto ship or other vessel.

Business Breakdown

People in this career work in these sectors.

  1. Self-employed60.33%
  2. Private, for profit33.77%
  3. State and local government1.87%
  4. Private, not for profit1.08%
  5. Federal government0.62%

Job Outlook

Projected Job Growth (2022 - 2032)
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Education & Interests


You may find this career fulfilling if you consider yourself to be:

  • Realistic — You have an interest in physically working with equipment, materials or structures.
  • Investigative — You have an interest in studying and researching objects, organisms, and other things.
  • Enterprising — You have an interest in managing, negotiating and marketing, or leading and advising others.

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  • Mechanical
  • Geography
  • Law and Government
  • Production and Processing
  • Customer and Personal Service

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