Education & Training

Military education jobs can include teachers, professors, advisors, and professional trainers.

There are 3 military careers in this industry

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Military personnel are seated in a large classroom as the teacher points to a student.

Military Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and translators are responsible for training military personnel in foreign language familiarization and foreign cultural awareness. They perform written translations and they identify, translate, and summarize communications. They utilize foreign language skills, including knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, to collect and analyze intelligence information.

  • Average Salary:$72,913
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Language Officers

Language officers participate in and provide supervision in various language translation and interpretation activities related to military and intelligence operations. They conduct interpretation of the target language to English and from English to the foreign language. They use appropriate phrasing in their interpretation to preserve successfully the meaning and intention of the original language. They perform interviews with non-English speakers, prepare reports, and translate written material.

  • Average Salary:$72,913
  • Most Common Education: Bachelor's degree

Military Professors and Instructors

The work of a professor and instructor is multi-faceted. Professors and instructors are tasked with the design and delivery of instruction in the classroom. They spend their time teaching, conducting research, and supporting their students in a variety of academic and vocational subjects related to their military occupations. Some specialize by functional area, such as military-specific/tactical.

  • Average Salary:$124,193
  • Most Common Education: Doctoral degree